Network management asistants E-mail address
(2023 academic year)

Dorm E-mail
Men's Dorms 1st Dorm 
3rd Dorm
5th Dorm
6th Dorm
7th Dorm 
8th Dorm
Women's Dorms 1st Dorm
2nd Dorm
3rd Dorm
5th Dorm 
8th Dorm
9th Dorm
Freshman Women Dorm A
Freshman Women Dorm B
Downtown Dorms Men 4th Dorm
Women 4th Dorm
Men 2nd Dorm
Women 6th Dorm
Graduate Dorms 1st Dorm (Men)
The guideline
1stDorm (Women)
Guo Qing 3rd Dorm (Men)
Guo Qing 3rd Dorm (Women)
Prince House Dorms Any questions for Prince House Dorm internet, please fill in Repairing Application Form at the counter or send your questions to this email: 
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